Lie #1. “I don’t look like the models on your website.”

First off, I work with and capture the beauty of ALL types of Diverse Womxn, not just professional models! In fact I prefer working with "newbies" because then I get to pose you, and my guidance and counsel really comes through in the images! Trust me when I say- I know how to make ANYONE feel like a complete Goddess! Second, this beautiful Woman also had the same thoughts: "I shouldn't do this, I don’t look like a model.” And just LOOK at her!! Completely owning her power, being ever radiant & glowing!

My passion for Boudoir Photography stems from the belief that this Liberating and Empowering experience is a form of Self- Love, and it is for EVERY Womxn!

It is a transformational experience that reveals to you the true beauty you already possess, but sometimes forget about in the business of life. It’s MY job to show you just how Breathtakingly Gorgeous you truly are and to challenge the FALSE notion that you don’t have what it takes.

You DO have what it takes, no matter what shape, size, weight or age you are!

Every Empowered Woman who has booked a session with me found this out just by showing up as herself & trusting the process.

That’s all it takes -trust that I know just how to bring the Bombshell Deluxe out of you!

Lie # 2. “I don’t think it’s worth the money.”

Yes, a good Boudoir Experience is a significant investment. But I can guarantee you it is most certainly worth it & Here’s why- Boudoir Photography in particular is a very intimate and delicate process. If it’s done right, a Boudoir Session can be an incredibly liberating, empowering experience and can positively impact you for the rest of your life, but in the same effect it could also negatively impact you if your Photographer is not the right match for you. Think about it like getting a Tattoo, you are choosing your Artist & we are documenting and embracing you fully, as is in this Moment. This moment will only be here once. Remember Rose on Titanic, think about being 90+ years old and looking back and saying " I want to see my picture."

I know that it is a great responsibility to be trusted by you for such an intimate experience and personal documentation of self-expression and I take this to the heart. Because of this, I always make sure that my clients are well-informed and well-cared for throughout the entire experience, from preparation to the knowledge of product choices!

From the first moment you express interest in KJMarie Photography, I will begin to carefully walk with you to discover your level of readiness, and find out exactly what type of experience you are hoping for!

When you decide to book your very own Personalized Boudoir Session, you’ll get access to all of the resources that I've personally curated in order to help set you up for your Perfect Boudoir Experience, you’ll be able to ask me anything on your complimentary Consultation Phone/ Facetime or Zoom chat before your Session to finalize all of the little details!

The day of your Session is when the REAL Party Starts - I'll have wardrobe options laid out for you, you'll get a full face of professional makeup done by yours truly & personal styling assistance, pose coaching and your full 90 Minute Boudoir Photography Session Consisting of 2-3 wardrobe changes, and my professional guidance throughout the entire process!

After your Session you can either relax or go grab a bite (on me of course), and then meet me just ONE hour later to view your gorgeous images, from there you'll select your absolute favorites and decide which Products you want to purchase!

I will have a custom design layout for your luxury album ready, but you’ll get to have input on the layout and images before it gets sent to my lab to be printed.

When your beautiful Signature Collection is ready I can either ship it or we will schedule a time for you to stop by so I can personally give you your products and I can see the look on your gorgeous face when you get to see the final results of the whole experience!

By then we’ll basically be best friends anyways, and it’s kind of hard to say goodbye!

Just remember, there's no rush, stress or pressure. This experience is ALL about YOU and while it does require time and investment on both of our parts- if you're sitting here reading this, the real question isn’t whether or not you believe that a Personalized Boudoir Session is worth it.

The question is: do you believe that YOU’RE worth it? I for one, wholeheartedly know and believe that YOU ARE!!

Lie # 3: “I’ll have to get naked or wear skimpy lingerie.”

Fact: You do not have to get naked of wear skimpy lingerie for your boudoir session. In fact, you can even do your Boudoir Session in a Comfy Sweater, Silk Sheets, or a Comfy T-shirt! I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy and, while I certainly help with styling advice and guidance for your outfit choices, I will never force you into anything you don't feel 100% AMAZING in!

I completely understand the anxiety of, “What should I wear?!” and because of that I provide well thought-out guides, consult calls, and video chats to help you decide which direction you’d like your session to go and what outfits are the best choices for your desires and goals.

And whether you choose to be fully clothed throughout your entire session or not, we want you to know that WHATEVER you’re comfortable with is perfectly PERFECT!

This is a safe no judgment zone, where you are free to express who you are and to explore who you want to be! If this means that your boudoir outfits include a dress or jackets instead of a bra and panty set, that is 100% okay! We can still totally achieve your desired look and explore your femininity to create incredibly sensual photos!

Lie #4:“If I try to look sexy, I’ll end up looking stupid.”

During your Personalized Boudoir Session, you will never have to “TRY” to look sexy. It is 100% MY job to coach you with detailed instruction on how to pose so that you’ll look sexy. And the best thing you can do, is relax! I know exactly how to work with different body types and studio lighting, in order to set you up to look your absolute sexiest.

All you have to do is follow directions and hold a pose long enough for me to get the shot.

My clients are not professional models. I don’t expect you to come in already knowing exactly how to look sexy in front of the camera. The truth is, looking sexy most certainly does not feel sexy. It’s hard work sometimes, and more often then not it doesn't translate.

During your Session you’ll get detailed coaching instructions, something like, “Stand nice and tall, kick your hips to one side, bend your relaxed knee even more, pick that foot’s heel up off the ground, slide that foot and knee across as if you have to pee really bad, then push your booty back, and raise your chest to the ceiling. Now, clear all of your hair off the nape of your neck with both your hands, squeeze your elbows together a little, look at the ceiling, take in a deep breath, close your eyes, and slowly sigh.” Click, click, click! And that’s how sexy is made!

The point is: don’t worry one bit about “trying to look sexy,” because it’s my job to bring out your sexy and I'm a pro at this!

Lie #5: “I belong behind the camera, not in front of it.”

Fact: Many women are used to being behind the camera, capturing the moments their loved ones are living - kids, fur babies, family, friends - but they want nothing to do with being photographed. They tell themselves (and me), “I belong behind the camera, not in front of it.” This is a big one to work through because there is so much behind this lie. Ultimately, when you believe this, what you’re really saying is that everyone else’s life is worth documenting- but not mine.

Think about that for a second... That is SO far from the truth! 

The truth is that you are 100% worth being photographed! In fact, I suggest that YOU, the one behind the camera doing all the work, needs AND deserves this even MORE so.

Why? Because as the one behind the camera in life, you are continually giving it all to the people in your life, showing them how valued and loved they are. But don't YOU deserve a chance to be appreciated and photographed because you spend so much time yourself doing that for others?

You need to see yourself from the other side of the camera, so you can see the light and beauty you already possess and realize that you, deserve to be honored, cherished and to have absolutely stunning photos of yourself to love for an eternity. 

We know it feels a bit scary, but it’s your turn to get in front of the camera. It’s your turn to let someone photograph you, and not just anyone, but an amazing and skilled trustworthy Photographer who knows exactly how to treat you like an absolute Goddess while bringing out your Beauty in the best of light!

So stop telling yourself that behind the camera is where you belong, take a moment to SHINE & be in FRONT of my Camera, to have your turn in the spotlight and relish in just how beautiful you truly are!

Lie #6: “My images will end up on the internet.”

This one’s easy, Nope. No way, no how, not a chance.

I will NEVER post anyone’s images on the internet without their consent and a signed model release. I completely respect you and your privacy- Boudoir is personal and my entire goal is to earn and keep your absolute trust!

Here’s what happens - when you view your images and make your selection, we will ask you if you want to keep your images private or if you want to give me permission to use them for business related purposes. If you want us to keep them private, end of discussion, done deal.

However, if you want to let me use them, first I'll probably jump up & do a happy dance and then you'll fill out a short model release form that states what you’re willing to let KJMarie Photography use your images for online platforms, advertising, etc..

Finally, you can be certain that if you give me permission to use your images, that they will be used!! Sooner or later your gorgeous images will show up on my website, blog, social media platform, or even a billboard (ok, maybe not a billboard YET, but a girl can have dreams!!).

The point is, YOU have complete control here.

The only way your images will end up on the internet is if you want them to. Period. The end.

Lie #7: “I don’t have anyone to do this for.”

This might be my favorite lie to address- “I would really love to do this, but I just don’t have anyone to do it for!”

I absolutely, wholeheartedly disagree!! You most certainly, most definitely, 100% have someone to do this for! In fact, it’s the MOST important person to EVER do a Boudoir Session for. . . and that person is YOU!!!

In my personal opinion, the absolute BEST reason to do a Boudoir Session is for the person you look at every single morning, standing in mirror! In fact, even our clients who do plan to do a boudoir session for the purpose of gifting it to someone special, almost always end up realizing that the experience was actually a gift to themselves. The way it transforms how you see yourself, is a gift that can’t even be explained.

It has to be experienced and it’s totally magical and powerful. While giving boudoir photos as a gift is a fantastic idea, I honestly believe that when you come into this experience as a gift for yourself, you are able to blossom & shine even more as you go through the journey of personal Empowerment & Self Expression!

So, to those of you who say you have no one to do this for- I would love to show you that you most certainly do have someone to do this for.

and Don't worry,... You're worth it.