"As a Photographer, you should definitely experience the other side of the camera every now and then. " ~KJMarie

Christina Rose of Duchess Productions LLC gave me just that opportunity last week for Spooky Season this year, and for that (and her) I am so grateful! A couple fun things happened this day, and we may have forever memorialized a funeral procession- but truly, we meant no harm!

Who is Christina?

Christina Rose is a multi-talented conceptual artist who does amazing work within the styling and modeling industry here in Denver, CO. She has been Modeling since she was a teen and knows how to style sets, design, and how to pay attention to detail.

Her creativity and inspirational drive is off the charts, and I highly recommend you go give her page Duchess Productions LLC a like on Facebook and IG!

Christina Rose

We have been friends since the day we first met and are both Taurus' and mighty loyal, but also honest, bull headed, and determined. It is amazing creating conceptual art with somebody that understands you!

I mean, you know when you just meet someone who is your soul sister?

Yeah, it's like that.

The BEST part is..

That every time I get in front of the Camera, even though I feel timid and shy- or may feel overweight or tired, I am able to somehow bring out a confidence that I didn't even know existed! When I look at my images see someone who believed in herself enough to be courageous, I see someone who took the time to honor her current strength and beauty in the present moment.

I'm not going to lie, I have dealt with body image issues the majority of my life, and while I still have days that are harder than others to accept myself fully- the times that I get in front of the camera (rather than hiding behind it) make me feel completely exhilarated & empowered!!

To be completely honest,

This is exactly why I am so passionate about what I do. I know the transformation that occurs from doing an empowering photo session, it's internal- and it's seriously amazing.

It's something I honestly think every woman should experience. I've experienced it several times through the years, and I've never once regretted it- even when I felt at the time that I was at my worst.

You are always enough. You deserve it.

Don't worry, You're worth it.

Love, Kristin Jean Marie