Dear Everyone, Doing a Boudoir Session Does NOT, I repeat does NOT turn you into a Porn Star. It does NOT mean you are starting a OF or that you have joined a BDSM cult.

Nor does it mean that you have any hidden agenda or someone secret to give them to.... Sometimes you just want to feel Bold, and Empowered in your own flesh and skin, sometimes you just need to let yourself embrace your own body or your sensuality and you should not EVER be torn down or be criticized for wanting that.

I don't care if it's your mom, your brother, your spouse or your friends- Just Tell them that Nudity does not and never has equaled SEX. We were all born Nude and it is 100% our natural state of being.

There is NOTHING innately wrong with showing and/or embracing EVERYTHING about the Female Body, however you decide to!

Throughout history the Female body has been coveted, repressed, obsessed upon, condemned, shunned, and sexualised by others.

This is not anybody's fault per say, but it has been done in history and we as Women feel this generationally in our lineage- whether we realize it or not.

We are told by our elders to cover up, and as we grow up we know deep down that what we wear ultimately defines us, in others' eyes. We decide to stay small and hide away, because that is what we are taught to do whether it be directly or indirectly from society and generational knowledge.

Historically, , women's bodies have often been objectified and seen as objects of desire or sources of temptation. This objectification has led to the policing and shaming of women's bodies, as they were often expected to conform to certain standards and ideals of "beauty" and "modesty". This has been perpetuated throughout history in various forms of media, art, and literature, which have all also reinforced societal expectations and stereotypes.

But Let's get REAL this is a NEW ERA, and we intend for it to be one of radical Self-love and acceptance. Our internal attitudes towards nudity and women's bodies have evolved over time, and there is now a strong and powerful growing movement towards body positivity, body neutrality and acceptance of all bodies.

However, it is still necessary to address and challenge the historical and on going shaming of nudity and women's bodies in order to promote equality and respect for all individuals.

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Is it time to jump into your Femme Empowerment ERA!?

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