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Here's the thing ladies, I don't expect you to be jumping for joy to get naked in front of a complete stranger, and to be completely honest I don't even want you to feel like a stranger when we meet, so just set up your Complimentary Personal Consultation today!!

At absolutely no charge or risk to you, we can discuss what a custom photography session would look like for you! Whether you're interested in Indoor or Outdoor Boudoir, let's at least find out if I'm the right girl to create the Images of yourself that you will fall in love with & forever cherish!!

How it works: Click on either image below & it will guide you directly to a link for my Booking Calendar- go ahead schedule a time in the calendar that would work for you to chat for about 10 minutes, and leave your information & phone number.

I will then personally call you at that time to discuss any questions you may have and help you to understand what my client process and procedure looks like. I will also discuss pricing, payment plan options and the Unique line of Products I offer!

Don't worry, I'll shoot you a quick text beforehand so you have my number & will know I'm not some Rando! ;)

After the initial phone consultation you will then receive a Pricing guide that will include all of my customized packages and product options!

The initial Retainer Fee & Pre-Payment Plans can all be secured and set up during your phone consult, so you don't have to worry about your spot being lost!!