So, you just booked your first boudoir Session!!

This means you are ready to embrace yourself fully and to do that I know that you want to feel your absolute best! So, obviously one of the most common questions I get from my clients is- "Kristin, what should I wear?!"

First things first- if you're ordering online, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to try the garment(s) on and/or to find something else before your session date if need be.

Just double check that delivery date!

DO NOT skip the trying on part! In fact, treat yourself to a trying on party and send me pictures if you want any help, suggestions or advice! I can't stress this part enough babes.

We all know how things can look good on the hangar and when they are marketed... But things that look good may not FEEL so great on your actual body. So, TRY that garment on.

The last thing you want is to deal with an ill-fitting garment or something you don't feel amazing in- on your special Self-Love Day!

Worse Comes to worse, put your trust in me & we can always go for that last option though!

Below I created a List of options & examples that I have from each style!

They are categorized by:

Lingerie- For the sultry, hot & steamy Beauty!

Some examples include: Baby dolls, Body Suits, 3 Piece Sets, Bra Panty & Garter, Robes, Lace, Corsets, & Chemises'

Cute & Comfy- For the Lounge around, I woke up like this, Sunday morning kind of Babe!

Some examples include: Pajamas, Boy Shorts, Tee Shirts, Boxers, Robes, Cozy Blankets, Comfy Sweaters, & Knee High Socks

Something Borrowed- For the I stole this from my boyfriend/husbands closet Beauty!

Some examples include: A Button Down Shirt, A Tee Shirt, His Favorite Flannel, His Sports Jersey, His favorite band Tee, His Sweater, His Tie & Blazer, Get creative!

Bra & Panty Sets- For the Bad Babe who doesn't need a lot of frill to thrill!

Some examples include: Thongs, Briefs, High Waisted Panties, Demi Bras, Full Cup Bras, Sports Bras

Everyday Clothes- For the Beauty who likes to be unique and keep her personal style in the mix!

Some examples include: Crop Tops, Socks, Shorts, Jeans, Under Garments, Sweaters, Flannels, Lacey tops, Off the shoulder tops, Panties, Bring YOUR Personal style!!

Bare & Beautifully You- For the Babe who is ready to embrace every single part of her beautiful self!

Some examples include: You in blankets, You in Sheets, You covered in Foliage, You covered with a book. You raw, free, and beautiful!


Cute & Comfy

Something Borrowed

Bra & Panty Sets

Every Day Clothes

Bare & beautifully you