"I just don't have that kind of confidence"

I know we all think a sediment of this statement while contemplating getting in front of the camera. Not just you, not just me, every single female out there would probably tell you that they " just don't have the confidence" to do the thing that they've always wanted to do- which in all reality is only to embrace and accept themselves FULLY in the present moment.

Then they will say, "well, maybe if..." (I was younger, slimmer, thicker, prettier, taller, more flexible, if I knew how to pose,.. and the list of reasons will go on and on if we let them)

I want to remind you (and myself) that these are only our excuses.

That you ARE enough.

You deserve to be honored and cherished FULLY in the present moment.

You are perfect AS IS, and there is no point in waiting for tomorrow to do anything you feel passionate about doing or experiencing.

It is 100% OK to invest in your own self-worth.

It is not selfish to make yourself a priority.

There's two secrets I want to share with you today about confidence, first off the main reason we don't feel confident- is probably because we haven't done anything yet to invest in ourselves, or taken the time to embrace a truly vulnerable experience.

Second, the only way to ever build confidence is by DOING the things that make you feel a little uncomfortable, but also excited and challenged!

"Our first and last Love is Self-Love."

"Our first and last Love is Self-Love."

What I'm saying is

Self-worth is not something we are born with- it's something that we slowly gain and develop by investing into ourselves, investing into our passions and making the mark that we want to leave on the world. Making moments and memories.

All of our challenges, growth and experiences just push our limits and develop us into who we are, and that is why we should do our best to embrace ourselves always!!