Wonder Wonder, located in Boulder Colorado is one of those little amazing places that just takes you to another land!! Each room is set up by various local artists and demonstrated as a work of art!! This time around there was a room with an adorable Pink Fireplaces & Christmas Trees- courtesy of the amazing Shelby Murray!

In another one of the rooms, every single wall was a mirror & star shaped lights hung down making magical rainbow rays and reflections! There was a Red Plaid X-Mas Cabin Set, and an all white room with ornaments, faux Snow & Disco Balls, then a black room with tons of hanging white lights!!

One of the rooms was very Boho and dark lit with a bit of floral, so Christina decided that was my spot.. haha She even snapped a few pics of me for you guys, too!!

Hope you all enjoy the colors!!

Make sure to Check out Wonder Wonder if you're Wondering where all the cool stuff is.

Due to Covid19 you had to schedule a time slot, but we were more than able to remain socially distanced throughout our time there, and everybody was super respectful leaving one group per room, staying distant & wore masks in between rooms and/or their photo shots.